We are a combined group of companies specifically structured to ensure that we deliver industry-leading services and high quality products to our customers. We maximize our efficiency by leveraging our highly developed skills such as in our Customer Service Team, our Science Team and our Warehouse and Production teams, among others. We have a core purpose of "Translating Scientific Discovery into Business Enterprise." We do that by developing industry-leading formulations, processes and business strategies to reach a variety of global markets. We also work with worldwide collaborative partners to bring to the markets unique products/ingredients that are often exclusively available to us and proudly offered to our customers.

As our company has grown and diversified we decided to create specific operational business units or companies all under The GHT Companies umbrella in order to provide products and services to customers in the most effective way possible. The following is a brief overview of each of our companies:

Global Health Trax offers a select and exclusive array of Digestive Supplement Products, including ThreeLac, FiveLac, Active Digestive Enzymes, Colostrum, Coral Complete and Oxygen Elements Max. The company works with select Wholesale Distributors and Outside Sales Agents to promote and sell the products to consumers. This company also offers Order Fulfillment Services to customers, which includes warehousing, a controlled area for high value merchandise, real-time camera secured facility, inventory control, packaging, shipping and supportive reporting.

Health Specialties Manufacturing ('HSM') This company is focused on delivering manufacturing and production services for Private Label Lines and Contract Manufacturing to the nutritional supplement industry. Full in-house capabilities are supported by multiple production lines a science team and a dedicated quality team.

Vibrant Nutraceuticals ('Vibrant') acquired the rights to a unique and select array of nutritional products; thus, the company is able to immediately offer a diversified selection of high quality Nutritional Supplements. These products are addressing the needs of varying sectors of the market, including Vegan and Vegetarian, Children, Immunity, and Basic Daily Health. A primary objective of Vibrant will be focused on delivering these high quality products at affordable prices.

Green Leaf Sciences (GLS) Green Leaf Sciences™ (GLS) is the most recent member of The GHT Companies, which is gaining recognition as one of the most unique group of companies in the nutritional health industry, because of it’s focus on directly linking scientific discoveries to consumer/patient needs.