The Glendower Group (Glendower) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation established in November 2001 as an instrumentality to the Elm City Communities  / Housing Authority of New Haven (ECC/HANH), Connecticut.

Glendower is at the forefront of those leading the private sector market in affordable housing.  Glendower provides comprehensive and integrated real estate development services specializing in affordable housing.

Together, Glendower and ECC/HANH have undertaken an aggressive redevelopment / modernization program allowing for the transformation of our housing portfolio throughout the City of New Haven.   Partnering with the City of New Haven, we have been able to close over 10 major redevelopments.  Since 2009, Glendower has served as the sole developer or co-developer on 15 major affordable and market rate development projects.  The Glendower Group has been awarded over $500 million dollars in redevelopment funds and has redeveloped over 2,500 units. To date, Glendower has efficiently relocated over 2,500 families working in concert with contractors and developers.

Glendower’s vision has always been high-quality, innovative, and fiscally sound housing for families. The firm has completed more than $500 million in development projects, and has orchestrated successful neighborhood transformations. Glendower has leveraged over $544 million.

“Our projects not only add local jobs now and in the future, they also provide safe, high-quality housing as well as contribute to the greater economic benefits of the New Haven community,” said Shenae Draughn, Senior Vice President of The Glendower Group.

Glendower is led by a management team with the expertise and experience to help cities and towns navigate through the ever-changing challenges that come with Public Housing.  Our clients count us as a formidable force in the industry.