The Glitter Source sells the best quality and a large selection of craft and solvent resistant glitter powders, glitter colors, shapes and sizes of for nail art, nail polish, craft and other decorative projects.

The Glitter Source adds new glitter products on a continuous basis. All glitters are MADE IN AMERICA.

The Glitter Source concentrates on selling glitter is package sizes that are not too big and not too small - Just the right amount for most nail art, craft and decorating projects.
This way you only buy what you really need and are not stuck with excess inventory that you will never use.

The Glitter Source concentrates on two types of glitter

A) Solvent resistant, Franken Polish glitters that are safe and appropriate for making glitter nail polish

B) Craft glitters that are safe and appropriate for all craft projects. These glitters many not be appropriate for use in nail polish.

The Glitter Source prides itself on superior customer service. All domestic orders are shipped within 48 hours, usually the next day. International orders are shipped within 72 hours.