THE GLOBAL RACE EQUALITY ACTION TRUST – GREAT TRUST is the first victims-led global race equality and anti-supremacist progressive think and doing tank that advocates for new platforms, schools of thought, approaches and solutions to race equality and human rights issues. While we salute the selfless contributions of genuine race equality and human rights champions from all walks of life, who often operate in difficult circumstances, we consider the untold human misery that engulfs the majority citizens of the world as an indictment of the inadequacies of the status quo that can no longer hold. Resistance to progressive change, fear of power and wealth-sharing, lack of vision and responsible leadership have blighted the necessary transformation required to consolidate the sacrifices and gains of yesteryears, prevent the necessary advancement of the race equality and human rights agenda, and above all threaten to roll back the successes of the past.

The GREAT Trust signals and communicates the fierce urgency of time and hope to traverse this inertia. We call on all people over the world to stand up and fight for their fundamental human rights, reject the old approaches that have so abysmally failed to withstand the test of time and cowered in the phase of adversity, organise together on a new platform to effect progressive change and make the world a better, fairer, more equitable place.