The Green Housekeeper is a small family owned and operated company, blissfully based in the heart of the English Lake District.  We manufacture a small range (six products) of household cleaning products.  Our products are all made by hand to order and use only 100% natural ingredients to create wonderfully effective yet safe solutions which smell divine!
All of our ingredients are sourced ethically, from within the UK, allowing us a zero air miles label.  We list every single ingredient in plain English (and include Latin names too) so you can be aware of exactly what is contained in each bottle.  Only by doing this can you know what you are spraying and what goes onto your skin, and please remember - if a product gets onto your skin it will go into your skin, if it contains synthetic chemicals, over time and use, so will you!  
Our products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, no SLS, SLES or parabens - they are gentle on the skin and do not exacerbate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  Our products contain no known allergens. Thoroughly tested (though not on animals)  by an independent laboratory, COSHH assessed and years of R&D make us confident that we can offer a genuine alternative to mass produced cleaning products.
Our secret blends of essential oil fragrance the products, specifically formulated to motivate and uplift, cleaning becomes almost therapeutic, certainly much less of a chore!
Hand made to be as concentrated as possible, available in 250ml bottles, please use much, much less than commercial brands. Our bottles are fully recyclable and we delighted to say we have never yet bought a cardboard box! -all of our outer packaging is either reclaimed, recycled or donated to us, including the brown paper and string with which we send out our web orders.
We are a real family and we genuinely care about what we put into and onto our bodies, this was the next logical step - being aware of our exposure to the chemicals in our surroundings, not only to improve our indoor air quality but also to protect, respect, conserve and preserve the beauty of our surroundings.
All of our products are suitable for use with all forms of sewage treatment including cess pits, septic tanks and eco digesters.
For any further information please do contact us, we'd be delighted to hear from you.