Graduates unemployment is a phenomenon yet to be solved by governments, academics and other stakeholders concerned with the development of youth. Yet thousands are graduating from our higher institutions annually with very few employment opportunities, thereby increasing the numbers at an alarming rate. Sadly, many do not know what to do to get out of the Unemployment trap.
The situation seems hopeless, but we believe there are real opportunities amidst the crisis.

At HBBA we strongly believe that anyone who has walked through the four walls of an academic institution has the potential of turning real crisis into opportunities. Our main goal is to assist these ones with tools tailored towards helping them discover their inherent potentials to create a better life by acquiring the skill set to run and manage own-business.

The HBBA mission, underpinned by a core attribute of ‘transformation’, is to change the crisis of Africa’s graduate unemployment into bedrock of opportunity for amazing success stories of young, new entrepreneurs and superstar business owners/operators. Thus giving our young graduates across varied disciplines of study hope and satisfaction of fulfilled dreams, achieved through a series of life-changing practical guidance, mentoring and training that are wrapped around specific tasks, actions and support geared towards business success.

This mission essentially entails a critical success factor, that of readjustment of the mindset of many Graduates that paid employment is the ‘Only-Way-Out’, down through a new path of adventure and beautiful opportunities of ‘Creative Transformation’ that will lead anyone aspiring for success with a business, be it at start-up or otherwise, towards outstanding accomplishments.

HBBA is geared up to work with individuals and groups through the maze of business sphere but at a concise and focused level.