The Healing Altar is a South African Based Company. The product formulations are based on herb recipes that have been used for centuries by many cultures across the earth. Some of the formulations are thousands of years old. As man is principally the same being, the natural healing power of these ancient herbal combinations are just as effective today as it was thousands of years ago. Thousands of people have been healed from all types of diseases with the use of these herbal preparations. Many have even claimed to have been cured of diseases that was not conventionally possible. It is our belief that the favour of GOD upon this Company is the reason for its sucess.

The company was formed 16 years ago in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The herbs are harvested from the best organic herb farms nationally and internationally and great love and care is taken in the production of all products. The healing altar also comprises a natural treatment centre based in Northgate , South Africa.

Treatment Centre
Our Holistic Wellness Centre is situated in Randburg South Africa, The consultation is holistic in nature. It is painless, needle-free, bloodless and completely non invasive.  The testing procedure is called Electro-Dermal Screening.
Electro-Dermal Screening or EDS evaluates the energetic pathways around your organs and systems.
How EDS works is based on the scientific concept that, at the subatomic level, physical matter is simply bundles of quantum energy. At the atomic level, the exchange of electrons produces electricity that is measurable using an EDS unit. Cancer cells, viruses, toxic chemicals, and other causes of disease all exhibit a measurable level of energy that raises or lowers our natural bioenergy levels.
The best part of the screening is that you do not have to tell us what's wrong we will tell you

Success Stories
Weight Loss

I want to comment on the “slim fast drops and Liver Detox that I was recommended to use for losing weight. I lost enough weight in two months to recommend this product to all my friends. There was no side effects and I feel great! Mrs H. P – Crown Mines

Slim Fast

I needed to go for a photo-shoot for a magazine and within 10 days I had to shed off about 5kgs. The slim fast drops worked like magic. within a week I looked great and felt even better. I reached my goal in time for the shoot. JP - Randburg

Slimming Drops

After the birth of my last child, it was a battle to get rid of the weight. using the slim fast drops and the detox has helped tremendously. I have effectively lost enough weight to continue with this product. The best part for me - No Side Effects. - NP - SUNDOWNER

Hunger Buster

I was really impressed with the slim fast drops, not only did I loose weight, my hunger cravings were substantially reduced. Thank You - SS - kEMPTON PARK


My story is a bit of a sad one with a happy ending. I was first taken to Dr Pillay in june that year. I was literally dying. My CD4 count was 54. I could not walk and I had to be carried. I felt drained, no energy at all. I could not think straight and I had not been to work for 4 months, with no hope of going back. The bones showed on my face and I was very thin. To me the end was near and all hope was gone. This disease was winning. My mum who came with me to Dr Pillay could not stop crying. He treated me and prayed with me and then told me something astounding. He said I would be ok. He even said that I would be back at school teaching in the 4th term. Its been 2 years now, I remember phoning him from school on the 1st day of the 4th term and expressing my gratitude. My cd 4 count is now over 800, and I am feeling great. If you are ill, go to him you will not be sorry. Miss E.S.