Based in Austin, Texas, THA (The Homeowners’ Advisor) is a service for home or business owners that incorporates knowledge, skill, and experience into a consulting company. Owner and founder, Benny Rowe has more than 35 years of experience performing high-end work in the industry, and created THA to work with residential or commercial property owners. THA has performed work in many roles from general contractor to designing and engineering projects, carpentry, woodworking, and all aspects of building construction. However, THA is not a contractor service. THA advises and advocates to help get what is really wanted from the clients’ investment, and to keep an eye on the progress so homeowners can be alerted to potential problems, conflicts, and contingencies and to avoid possible disasters. With the goal of helping homeowners achieve the best outcome for construction projects, THA has no alternative agenda - The Homeowners’ Advisor - always acts in its clients’ best interest! For more information visit, www.thehomeownersadvisor.com.