Compassion Trumps Cancer Every Time

Supporters and survivors work together to give cancer patients hope and courage
during their journey toward being happy, healthy and beautiful.

Langley, British Columbia. Canada
December 20th, 2011

Taryn Durkin Bell, A Certified Mastectomy Fitter at the company "Because We Care"
has teamed up with Rose Adams, a Wig fitter and Stylist at "The House of Miss Rose".
Both businesses are located at 20700 56th Avenue, Langley B.C. and together they
provide the missing link in cancer patients treatment, "compassion".
Because We Care and The House of Miss Rose gives a person a renewed sense of
self-confidence and most importantly they help the individual to "just feel normal".

Finding a cure for cancer and alopecia is a medical task but supporting the well being
of those people suffering the effects demands much more than a Doctor can provide.
How can a patient feel positive and strong when their personal self-image has been
rocked to the core? Giving women back their feminine figure and their hair – hair that
looks natural, attractive and vibrant gives them back a little of the confidence to face
the world in their darkest hour.

The story of Because We Care began when Taryn’s very good friend, at the age of 28,
began battling breast cancer for the third time.  Stores and pharmacies gave little or
no choice in products and there was no personal connection with her fitters.  
A personal connection is important to someone going through such a personal
experience.  Women want their fitter to care – hence our name, Because We Care.  
That’s what we stand for!

Miss Rose at The House of Miss Rose knows the impact of losing your hair can be profound.
Hair loss can be one of the most distressing side effects of cancer treatment. How we look
is closely linked to our feelings of self esteem and self confidence. It can also be a constant
“reminder” of your treatment for cancer. For people who choose to wear a wig, the difference
that a professionally cut wig can make cannot be underestimated. Miss Rose can transform
an “obvious wig” into an individual’s “new hair”.

They pledge their commitment to providing a respectful and caring service for their clients.
Because we Care and The House of Miss Rose are here to give help, advice, hugs and support
to anyone living with the effects of Cancer treatment and medical hair loss.

They are all about helping you. They understand cancer treatment and hair loss can affect people on many
different levels and the anxieties this can cause. They hope, through the help they provide,to support and
inspire survivors to have the hair and figure they need and deserve.

Contact info:
The House of Miss Rose
20700 56th Avenue
Langley B.C. CANADA
V3A 7R8