"The music business IS our business..."

The Inaxxs Group is a music business services company that covers the areas of music publishing administration, digital distribution, and artist/label services for the music industry.

Our company specializes in creating and launching artist brands. We provide artist clients with label services, provide music publishing administration via our full service music publishing company, Inaxxs Music Publishing and digital distribution via our partnership with digital music aggregator Record Union.

In the age of the new music industry, the supply of independent artists is staggering. In order to differentiate and get the message of their music out to the masses, artists need to work with a music business services company such as The Inaxxs Group to create, plan, and manage their growing brand - themselves and their musical content.

A music business services company like The Inaxxs Group allows for artists to take advantage of having a team that can provide support and create sustainable revenue streams. Artists should not have to compromise their standard of living in pursuit of their passion.