The unskilled workers can register their name, nature of work they could perform, and year of experience of any work, at Rozgar Camp with no cost. All jobs related to the unskilled category will be displayed in Rozgar Camp.
THEINCIRCLE has covered several Industrial Area through Rozgar Camps in the past and received the huge response from the unskilled workers and labors through the registration process. Rozgar Camp is a direct approach towards the blue collar or unskilled workers and a platform for the deprived workers who are looking for a job change or keenly interested to work in some way. Rozgar Camp is best opportunity for the uneducated or unskilled and unemployed workers.
Different categories of unskilled workers are registered at THEINCIRCLE through the Rozgar Camps. The employers who are looking for the unskilled workers like factory labor, construction labor, peon, cleaner, helper, sweeper can fulfill their requirements through theincircle with a simple registration. Employers can find resume of the unskilled workers, which is based on the information provided by the unskilled workers at the time of registration at Rozgar Camps. The Rozgar Camp is intended for the poor and unprivileged people who are helpless to work under unfavorable conditions and at very low wages due to lack of knowledge. This is a gateway for the unskilled workers to find the work and earn with dignity.
THEINCIRCLE.COM an online Job Portal – the better platform for the job seekers and employers, serving in India and around the world. The motto of THEINCIRCLE is employment for all, specially for the unskilled labors and workers. The job seekers can find the jobs as per their skills and requirements in just one click. Employers who are looking for the right candidates for their organization can register and find the thousands of workers in one place. The best possible sources are used to collect the exact information of the job seekers to provide the jobs they are dreaming for a long time. Finding a right career and connecting the job seekers with the best industries is the first priority.
The job opportunities and information of the job seekers are provided to the employers; however, verifying the credentials of candidates is the final responsibility of the employers. THEINCIRCLE team is working day and night to register unskilled workers and job seekers all over India and outside India. All the job categories are available for the freshers and experienced candidates with different job opportunities from the big MNCs and organization. A simple registration would allow the job seekers to find a dream job and employers to get the best candidates for their organization
The focus and uniqueness in this job portal are ‘unskilled workers or labors’ who are unable to use the internet and register them for a job search. Thousands of resumes of the unskilled workers are provided and THEINCIRCLE team is very happy and content to serve the unskilled category of workers and helping them to find a job.
To learn more about the Rozgar Camp, please contact (1800 11 1070 TOLL FREE)