Infinite recently expanded to the Chicago market.  We specialize in direct marketing, representing some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Our unique and innovative approach to marketing our clients’ products and services has helped us to achieve explosive growth within a highly competitive industry.

Infinite will develop individuals, personally and professionally, into leaders through teamwork and fundamental management training techniques.  We will promote team success as well as individual achievements in a consistently positive atmosphere.  Everyone at Infinite will understand that they hold a key role within the team.

Infinite is a leading outsourced sales and marketing company specializing in new client acquisitions, customer service, and customer retention.  Indirect channels of marketing, such as TV ads, radio ads, and direct mail, have created an increasing personal gap between customer and client.  Infinite bridges that gap by building lasting relationships through in-person contact.  When compared to other forms of marketing, the benefits are invaluable.

Through the use of courteous, professional, and service-specific presentations, we create a positive and lasting impression.  Our approach enhances brand loyalty, which translates into increased revenues for the long term success of your firm.


Increased Sales

Outsourcing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach new customers.


We offer a 100% ROI.  Only a company with confidence that they can fulfill their clients’ needs could offer a guarantee like this.

Speed To Market

In a matter of weeks, our professional sales force can institute an immediate, widespread and aggressive sales campaign in a new market.

Committed To Results

An Infinite sales presentation is in-person, allowing us to demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services.  This in turn has a domino effect:  Sparking new sales, generating reorders, leading to long-term client retention, and providing measurable results.

Infinite has worked with an impressive client list and we have a growing number of clients to add to the list with the expansion occurring in the next year. Our current contracts include some of the largest energy supply companies in the nation and have allowed us to double the size of our company in the past year with five more locations to open within the next 12 months.

Our Clients are the world leaders in their perspective industries due to their unmatched quality and services. We have worked with clients that provide business necessities and services to small to medium businesses in various industries ranging from energy providers to telecommunication technologies and credit processing services. All of which are an industry leaders in providing services to small and medium sized businesses around the country.

We have a contractual agreement with our clients not to use their brand names or logos for advertising purposes. Furthermore, since we are outsourced to represent their brand name for the purpose of acquiring their clients, we leave their logos out to avoid being confused by clients as a customer service department for their accounts. For more information on what clients we are currently working with, please call our office.


At Infinite, we provide the unique service of conducting client relations for the companies who outsource our service. We are in charge of increasing market share by acquiring new, quality business for our clients. In addition, we are in charge of retaining these clients and creating long term business relationships.

Marketing Strategies

Imagine 10 offices working on new client acquisitions or maintaining existing accounts for your company. If each office had 5 account managers who acquired/retained customers at a rate of 3 per day, that would be 150 new customers daily across the organization and 750 per week, with 39,000 per year.

New Market Expansion

• Identifying expansion opportunities for existing products and services.

• Obtaining pricing and market data to educate our clients about their competitors.

• Helping our client to make their services more attractive by keeping them informed about their customers’ needs and wants.

• Creating location specific tools and training procedures that are easily modified in the market.