The Intentional is a quarterly print publication that examines innovative trends for intentional living. Featuring articles & art that explore quality of life.

The Intentional is the brainchild of passionate twenty-something advocates for change who, like so many of their peers, just couldn’t get a break to effectuate said changes. The intention was in place; the means were not.

For Immediate Release

New magazine to examine innovative trends for intentional living; encourages readers, writers and artists to participate in the dialogue

Washington, DC – July 16, 2012 – New magazine “The Intentional Quarterly” launched a new project on crowdfunding web site Kickstarter to support the inaugural issue and expand the publication's web site and online presence.

The Intentional Quarterly, a visually stunning, high design publication, aims to "examine innovative trends for intentional living" by engaging readers in a discussion about what quality of life truly is and how to get it. The magazine encompasses a range of topics from community-building to health and wellness to international development. It features thought-provoking essays and art that consider cutting-edge sociocultural tendencies and initiatives for their added value to our daily lives and to the global community.

‘The Intentional’ is concerned with evolution – of society, of art, of culture, of business, of technology, and living a life examined – and how such subtle changes could better our lives, our communities and our world in non-materialistic ways.

“’The Intentional’ is a project of passion, and provides a vehicle to connect collectively and have an innovative, much-needed conversation about how to really live it right,” said Kate Jenkins, Editor and founder of The Intentional Quarterly.  “We also want readers to have the opportunity to benefit from and actively participate in this dialogue.”

Kickstarter Project Launched to Fund First Issue

A campaign through Kickstarter.com will fund the launch of the first issue, which includes the printing costs, the production of a quality web site, fair wages for staff, and launch events slated for Washington, DC and New York, NY.  After the first issue the magazine’s goal is to be self-sustaining.

The first issue is expected to publish in September 2012. Each issue will be around 70 pages in length and will be presented as a quality print product.  The magazine’s web site features articles and projects for the upcoming issues, as well as a platform for readers to connect, but is not a substitute for the printed magazine.

Submissions in the form of fiction and non-fiction essays, investigative articles, photography, visual art, and “anything else that can be put on paper” will contribute to the conversation.

About The Intentional

We are a group of enterprising altruists - people who are actively cultivating personal awareness of potential and existing opportunities to create positive impact in the world.  We are skeptical of many of the values that were instilled in us, and so we are questioning everything we were always told was true.  Some of the writers enjoy successful careers, while others do not, but regardless they are all searching for their true north - what it is that really matters - in one way or another.

Editor and founder Kate Jenkins, 25, holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies/Journalism from the University of North Carolina and a Master’s in Microcredit for Development from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain. She resides in Washington, DC.

For more information, email the editor at kate.jenkins@theintentional.com with questions or inquiries on how to get involved.  Abstracts of articles and projects of the inaugural issue can be found at online at www.theintentional.com or visit the Facebook page and on Twitter @the_intentional .

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