The IP Company advises, assists and develops on the basis of Open Source.

The IP Company focuses in particular on telecommunications and related business processes. The individual communications (presence) plays a key role in this regard. Our vision is to improve the communication of the entire organization, by means of the individual communication. The products that we employ are tailored to individual use, with the result of attaining the business purpose through synergy of these different products.

However, our core business is not simply selling software/hardware packages from one manufacturer, but it is precisely the thinking along with and solving a specific problem by deploying attuned products. By using this ‘pool of Open Source solutions”, where integration is guaranteed by the openness of these products, a unique solution and working method is created.

The IP Company has housed its various activities in different business units; The IP Company Health, Safety & Security, The IP Company Mobile, Small & Enterprise Businesses, One IP, IPConnectivity and Amarula Solutions.

The IP Company is distributor of Sangoma IP telephony hardware, solution partner of Motorola, reseller of MERU, TIPTEL, SNOM and Polycom, among others.