The Iron Gavel is an online auction site offering FREE auction listings, including all optional features.  This includes up to 7 pictures, bold print, front page featured, category featured, reserve price, buy out price, etc.  Everyhting about the listing is Free.  No hidden charges.

At the end of the auction, if there is a winner declared, a low (5%) flat rate final value fee will be assessed.  That's it, no other charges.  As an example, if you item sells for $100, then you would owe The Iron Gavel $5.00.  

Another good reason for chosing The Iron Gavel is how simple it is to use.  Simply register for an account, login and click on the desired tab.  You can select Sell to list an item, members area to review or change information about your account.  This area also includes information about your active and closed auctions.  All of this makes it easy for your to sell similar items or relist an item that didn't sell.

To summarize, The Iron Gavel auctions offers:  FREE listings, Low selling fees and is simple to use.  Make more money where the auction listings are FREE - The Iron Gavel.