JoGiv…Joy of Giving!

As the famous saying goes…” when god blesses us financially, along with raising our standard of living, we need to raise our standard of GIVING”.

As the world advances in all aspects, it equally faces the challenges, looking for solutions to the less fortunate and sensible urban communities across the globe.

Jogiv.com is an online platform connecting to the needs of less fortunate individuals and communities through social campaigns from all walks of life. Jogiv.com is just not a Social Cause collective economy website, it is rather a drive to make the “Joy of Giving” a part of life for others social good.

At Jogiv, we focus on basic social needs and awareness to make the world a better place to live. On one hand we march towards providing Solar LED lights to villages in rural India which will help the women to cook and the children to study, and on the other hand, we dive in to creating awareness on Electronic Waste (ewaste) in urban areas and ethically recycling them rather than dumping them in to landfills.

Along with these two extremes of social needs, we will also focus on supporting the physically disabled sports persons who aspire to compete and bring laurels to the country.

Living with “Joy Of Giving”

The happiness derived from the “Joy of Giving” to those around you is a kind gesture of compassion, care and support. Not only it makes the world a better place to live, but it also gives us the content when we give to the people and causes we care the most.