The Justice Factory, a non-profit enterprise, was established in 2007 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We at The Justice Factory believe in the basic goodness of humanity. We believe that all people have an instinctive urge to be united and free.  And we have an optimistic faith that the basic human yearnings for goodness, unity, righteousness, and freedom will ultimately prevail.

But we also recognize humanity’s capacity for hatred, alienation, and destruction. We see the results of hatred, greed, and division all around us, throughout history, and to the present day. And we recognize, with great sorrow, the painful madness that sometimes consumes us, often in the name of religion.

Throughout history, however, courageous people have labored, suffered, and died fighting for peace, reconciliation, and freedom. At The Justice Factory we hold these people up as examples for us all. We acknowledge their sacrifices, we strive to be more like them, and we vow to never forget them. These heroes inspire us to follow the better angels of our nature.

In the past 50 years, enormous progress has been made all over the world on the road toward freedom, reconciliation, and equality.  Two tangible examples of this progress are the American Civil Rights Movement and Catholic-Jewish reconciliation.

The basic strategies of these two movements are consciousness-raising, relationship-building, and challenging power structures. These strategies are the fundamental tools of community organizing.

We believe that people across the world can use the proven strategies and tools of community organizing, as courageous people have done and are still doing in civil rights and Jewish-Catholic relations, to confront and overcome any religious, social, cultural, and political problems they might face.

At The Justice Factory, we strive to make some small contribution to these efforts.

For further information contact Jim Barrens, Organizer, at JamesBarrens@TheJusticeFactory.org.