Ken, a young 21 year-old carpenter from Switzerland, has invented a new multi-function piece of furniture - the Kube. Kubes can be stored in piles, transform themselves easily and with a touch of imagination they can be all things to all men - a step-ladder, a high chair, a stool or barstool, a low table, a storage box, a waste-paper basket, a toy box, a small shelf or a full bookcase - it’s almost limitless.  It has received two prizes from the Geneva Inventions Fair where visitors just loved it. Parents wanted it for their children's bedrooms, and the children couldn't wait to have them, teachers wanted it for their classes and nurseries, low-budget students wanted it for their 'lounge', and interior decorators could see all sorts of 'design' possibilities. As a fixture or as an extra piece of furniture when required, its unique practicality will find uses in a multitude of environments. Now Ken is looking for manufacturing and distribution partners for the Kube. Ken has probably created a new market segment for the Kube all to itself as it has no equivalent.  It could soon become an indispensable 'object' ready to be of service in so many environments. Simple, practical and beautiful - the Kube is a perfect example of Swiss functional minimalism.  Of course!