All-natural. Pasture-fed. Pure. Flavorful. Tender. Every piece of meat we import focuses on delivering on each of these tenets. At the Lamb Co-operative, we bring you the best quality lamb, beef, venison, goat and mutton from around the world.

We work long and hard to find the best meat from New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay, so you can put the best meal on the table, whether you're a home chef or cooking in a 5-star restaurant.

The reason the Lamb Co-operative is so successful at getting the premium quality proteins is because we are wholly owned by some of the best lamb, beef and venison producers in New Zealand and Australia. Because of this, we get the best meat that these farmers have to offer.

To find out more about some of the farmers behind the meals you put on your table, feel free to contact us. You'll find that the same hard work and determination that you put into your dishes is matched by these farmers trying to make the best quality product for you.