To reinforce core educational concepts by using art infused enrichment to fill learning and achievement gaps.
The Learning Gallery (TLG) is an innovative mobile enrichment program which offers 2-hour classes, summer camps and special events at various community centers and schools throughout the DMV area.

Held in a gallery-like setting, TLG events integrate a holistic approach to learning by immersing children in art, culture, math, literature, social studies, social skills, history and science. With the aim to foster academic success,self-determination, mental balance, critical thinking and cultural awareness, TLG teachers communicate principles of the various faculties interlaced with art in order to assist children in discovering their inner muse.

TLG, is the creation of four committed colleagues, Naquanda Mack, Torrence Mack, Payal Chawda and Sheila Walla who share friendship and a joint passion for educating, innovating and developing unique ways to make learning engaging, fun and adventurous.

TLG provides parents with a simple and affordable way to take time off, run errands, attend meetings, socialize and tend to personal matters while their children spend time in a high-quality, enriching environment. These fun-filled,
academic-focused events are held on week nights, weekends and during school breaks for maximum flexibility.

At TLG, teachers reinforce core academic subjects while creating an environment which provides children with the freedom to express themselves and venture beyond their imagination. Children are encouraged and challenged
to discover and embrace their identities and the identity of those around them.

The learning environment at TLG is unique each day to encourage children to reach for excellence on personal and intellectual levels in diverse manners. This provides a strong foundation to children in nurturing them towards the pathway of becoming responsible, productive, caring and engaged global citizens: the future generation.

For more information on The Learning Gallery, LLC please visit www.thelearninggallery.com.