The LendingCoin combines blockchain technology to offer transparent investing and tracking on an immutable ledger. Investments are backed by real estate so individuals can partake in real estate while avoiding all the problems of risks, liquidity and high costs.

The problem today is that individuals want to invest into real estate, but can’t. The barrier is too high as in I would need to put down at least 20% of the loan amount so for a $1M project, I’m tying up $200,000 of my cash. It’s also risky with market fluctuations. Ultimately, if I want to pull out cash for emergencies, I’m stuck with the property with limited liquidity options.
Another option is putting into REITs, but they often carry high fees and are convoluted with issues of tracking where the trust is based on what REITs claim. By the time, managers take their share in transaction fees, what’s left in the bottom of the barrel is yours.

What we’re offering is tokenized securities, known as “TLC,” with a backed value of real estate. While there is little to no transparency behind REITs, Blockchain technology allows TLC to be tracked on an immutable ledger. At any time, investors can track number of shares and properties financed. TLC’s blockchain empowered real estate lending platform makes The LendingCoin the most transparent financing that's ever been done in the lending history.