All things began within the simple process of a thought. Once the thought was manifest, it began to work its way into a blueprint of sorts. From the blueprint it became a project, and from a project it weaved itself into a living, breathing object that showcases you.

The Lightwurx knows just how important it is to nurture your thoughts from the “design” nursery out into the busy, bustling business world. Not only are we fully invested in turning your sketches into beautiful looking full-blown websites, we are dedicated to providing the best consultation that your company deserves.

When we started The Lightwurx, we set out to change the game of the web design industry in Utah as a whole. With over fifteen plus years of experience, we knew that the old regiment of taking as much as possible from a client and providing as least service as possible wasn’t the way that we would do business.

We are an extremely energetic, fun-loving, excited group of designers, consultants, programmers, & businessmen dedicated to serving you to the fullest. Finding a pro Utah web design company can be a little daunting, and we know this from years of experience working for the individuals that ran those organizations.

From all of that wonderful learning experience we have created the ultimate web design company here in Utah: The Lightwurx, L.L.C.