Spiritual Healing and Counseling


The purpose of the Love of Healing is to support women with their Spiritual transformation by providing guidance of God healing Love to women who are in need of mentally, emotionally and spirituality healing due to unresolved past hurts, wounds enabling them to heal spiritually, psychically and emotionally. Removing blocks and overcoming self obstacles through Self Love & Spiritual connection will allow the person to transform every area of their life. Attaining emotional freedom, raising consciousness, awareness, self empowerment and fulfillment in your life . In addition to assist children that are in search of self identity and are seeking a happier way of living life.

Healing would help keep children away from self hurt; mentally, emotionally or physically. Allowing them to overcome social rejection, peer pressure, emotional pain, and self doubt.


Is to see the world with women leaders that assist others to create a better world for our future generation Empowers women to be powerful leaders and achieve success by using their true natural SKILLS and VIRTUES

What is Healing?

Is the spiritual transformation of self shifting from FEAR to LOVE .

Healing will shift your life from FEAR to LOVE and from UNCERTAINTY to CLARITY. . Is Spiritual Healing a religion? Healing is not a religion. It is a self discover process where the person allowed her/him self to be free from any emotional wound, pain, fears or limitations allowing themselves to live a meaningful and fulfilling life

I believe that God’s mission for women is a whole new level of spiritual transformation based on integrity, morals, honesty and wholeness in order to live in truth and freedom; creating an extraordinary life for oneself and others. Healing is the first step for a life transformation; it is the path that will improve every area of your life. It is the process that will bring you more happiness, more harmony, loving relationships, and success. By creating a life of fulfillment, while also increasing awareness and an understanding with the connection of your “Self” and “Divine Self”, in other words the connection of God living within you. With healing you will be able to transform any negative parts of yourself or any fears that are creating confusion or negative feelings in your life and that are holding you back.

Why limit yourself to unhappiness? What is the missing ingredient in your life for you to achieve success in life? Poor relationships? Lack of money? Depression? Addiction? Are you unfulfilled? Suicidal thoughts? Are you full of anger or depressed? Mental or verbal abuse? Procrastination? Overweight or constant diseases? Feelings of being unsafe or unprotected? Fighting with life instead of receiving what life is offering you? Well let me tell you this, you are not the only one dealing with these feelings! There are thousands of women and children like you who are going through this process and you are not alone on this journey. We are all in this spiritual transformation path together and it is based on values and integrity creating a balance and a harmonious life.

Catherine is convinced that unhappiness and other negative emotions are caused by emotional wounds that disconnect the Self with the body and mind. Separating you from your own Self essence causes to experience internal emptiness and hollowness. Negative thoughts and beliefs are the cause of most body, emotional and mental illnesses.

She believes that fulfillment is the ONLY key to Success and that a life without relationships or connections is meaningless.

“I am truly grateful and completely honored to share with this group my healing gift. I offer knowledge on what I have learned through my own healing experiences and also by many other women and children that I interacted and healed during my lifetime"

Give yourself what you deserve and move your life forward to the next level by allowing yourself to heal and transform. Invite you to join me and others through this beautiful journey of discovering oneself and experiencing miracles”

Much Love & Gratitude

Catherine Reyes

Spiritual Healer & Counselor