With an easy-to-use web site and call center, The Luggage Club is all about customer service and convenience.  TLC takes one of the biggest hassles of long-distance travel – checked baggage – and eliminates it.

Consider a typical trip with checked baggage today, and then consider The Luggage Club alternative.  Today, the traveler must transport his packed luggage from his home to his car or other transportation to the airport.  Arriving at the airport, he has to get it from the car to check-in, and in the post-9/11 world through security as well.  When he arrives at his destination airport, he must wait for his luggage at a crowded luggage carousel – and hope that it is not damaged, lost or otherwise delayed.  Once retrieved, the bags must be carried to whatever ground transportation is chosen.  When ground transport arrives at the hotel or other destination, the luggage must be transported into the hotel, checked in, and taken to the traveler’s room.

Now imagine the same trip with TLC.  The traveler packs his bags and schedules a TLC pickup via the TLC web site or call center.  The Luggage Club agent comes to the traveler’s door and takes the luggage – which will not be seen or touched by the traveler again until he arrives at his hotel room.  That’s what we mean when we say The Luggage Club is moving towards “Changing the Way People Travel.”