Meadows Behavioral Healthcare is a continuum of highly individualized treatment services that encompass The Meadows Model of Core Issues to address emotional trauma and addiction with a multi-disciplinary emphasis. Our world-renown team of Senior Fellows guides the treatment approach and provides on-going training of our clinical staff in innovative treatment processes.  The Meadows is a leading inpatient treatment center focusing on trauma resolution and addiction. Women and young girls struggling with an eating disorder receive proven medical and clinically intensive treatment combined with an extensive experiential program at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows. Dawn at The Meadows is a holistic, experientially based, inpatient treatment program specifically designed for young adults who struggle with dual diagnosis and failure to launch issues. For men 18 and older who battle sexual addiction, relationship addiction, and sexual anorexia, there is Gentle Path at The Meadows. Our 5-day stand-alone intensive workshops offer a variety of topics, and feature our signature Survivors Workshop, which is also is a significant component of the inpatient treatment process. For more information on the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare continuum of treatment services, call 928-668-4546.