The Memory Spa is a first of its kind Positive Psychology based memory care day program with an emphasis on providing a spa like environment to its members and their families.  All personal care is done in a private spa space and begins with a hand massage and ends with a facial cleaning.  
The Memory Spa is founded on the understanding that people with cognitive impairment and memory loss deserve to live full lives. We believe that there’s a better way to serve those who are affected by these challenging conditions: empowering them to truly flourish, rather than simply survive.
The company Rejuvenation program was based on the Goal-Oriented Cognitive Rehabilitation programs popularly used throughout Europe, Japan and South Korea to assist its members in finding ways to continue to do the things that are most important to them. The Memory Spa understands that memory loss is a very personal condition that affects every part of life. That is why we work with members to develop a Cognitive Rejuvenation Plan that is specially tailored to their home, family, and individual goals. Then our Spa staff and coaches will work with them and their family to provide the tools, resources, and experiences that you need to flourish.
Utilizing the latest research in positive psychology and cognitive health, we designed The Memory Spa to support optimistic thinking and mental well being. We create a positive and healthful environment that allows participants to be at their best while enjoying a vigorous and engaged lifestyle.
Every case of memory loss and cognitive impairment is unique, even from day to day. We understand these challenges well and are prepared to help our members flourish, no matter where they are in their journey.