Why settle for cookie-cutter corporate-style benefits? You deserve better. You deserve benefits and perks assembled with your personal needs, goals, and budget in mind – without having to spend a fortune or do all the research yourself.

Through the NAITP's unique concierge-style service, your Benefits Coordinator will do all the heavy lifting for you, assessing your unique situation and pulling together the pieces that will propel you towards your preferred future. You’re not alone anymore.

NAITP serves independent contractors, solopreneurs, and small businesses in the rapidly expanding telecom industry by offering a robust suite of professional, health, and lifestyle benefits. Using the current definition of “telecom” as anything that delivers or facilitates communication via technology, we welcome members from wireless, VoIP, IT, security and satellite systems, web designers, internet marketers, and other related sectors.  Membership is available nationwide.

It is our goal to become the go-to place for professional, personal, and health-related benefits and resources for members of the rapidly growing telecom industry.