Actual New NES Game to Debut on ABC's The Goldbergs

SARASOTA, May 4th, 2015 — On Wednesday, May 6th, a brand new game for the 30 year old Nintendo Entertainment System will be teased on ABC’s The Goldbergs.  The game, entitled Mystic Searches, is the subject of the documentary The New 8-bit Heroes, which sees a group of modern creatives attempt to retrofit their skills to develop a new, compelling game experience for the iconic console despite it’s technical limitations.  The Goldbergs, which often plays to 80s nostalgia, will feature one of it’s main characters playing an early iteration of the game.

Not only will Mystic Searches be a true, cartridge based, 8-bit experience that will play on actual Nintendo Entertainment System hardware, the team has also developed a method which allows the classic console to interface with modern hardware.  A modern, 3d version of the game world will be able to communicate with the NES game and allow for a unique, multi-platform experience.  The team is currently in talks with Nintendo to bring the experience to the Wii-U.

“The two games are meant to be complementary,” says Joe Granato, Creative Director of Mystic Searches.  “When you unlock abilities or make progress on the NES game, it changes the world of the modern game.  It’s an exciting way of extending the story and bridging the generations of game styles.”

The game’s core concept is based on illustrations Granato did as a child.  At eight years old, he sent these ideas to Nintendo, however they were returned.  Now, almost 30 years later, he is bringing them to life.

The New 8-bit Heroes, a documentary about the creation of Mystic Searches, will go further than examining the culture of post market NES development.  It will show the group’s attempt to make the best game possible within the constraints.  The project’s narrative developer, fantasy novelist E.A.A. Wilson, sits with 21 time best seller Piers Anthony (Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality) to discuss creating fantasy narratives.  The project’s illustrator, cartoonist Austin McKinley, meets with Jared Petty and Samuel Claiborn at IGN and actual NES game artists Marc Eriksen and Mike Winterbauer to analyze great game art from the era.  Granato works with music producer David Sardy (Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral, engineer; System of a Down - System of a Down producer; Red Hot Chilli Peppers - One Hot Minute, mixer) to try to generate strong, minimalist music.

More information or ways to support the project can be found at www.TheNew8bitHeroes.com.

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