We facilitate your ideal and take no commission. TOF® privately digitally secures independent copyrights, engagements and exchange. We remove the middleman

TOF® enforces multiple financial functions. On Biosphere only qualified clients already in agreement with privately set, individually tailored artist + creator terms may communicate directly. Global maps and focused engagement tools can eliminate most needs for external, mainstream and paid marketing

TOF® also bypasses deposit requirements at no loss to engagement assurances. Bookings, direct invoicing, personal accounting, private schedules, custom session reminders, project communications and much more may all be confidentially set or even automated. Each is to the one controlling member's personal preferences

Members pay and get paid using their preferred medium and currency. Collaboration and future concepts are promoted to targeted global audiences free of charge. Member's chosen travel schedules may carry uniquely varied collaboration terms which become date and location variable. Profiles may be individually blocked or visibility restricted by country

TOF® has no sales algorithms. Multiple industries are collated with zero paid marketing or commercialization of member data. We strongly believe in further labeling any evaluations as highly subjective, limited forms of feedback. Service and engagement reviews are direct

The Other Blockchain® additionally creates immutable, privately held copyright ownership records. Each registered multimedia file has a dedicated, permanent SSL enhanced URL

Files undergo IPFS encryption allowing owner's decentralized download access or transfer. Artists and creators IP sales can be differentiated from all other forms of paid collaboration, potentially opening multiple previously unrealized income streams

Real-World Smart Contract® ownership controls and valuations or conversions use double-blind anonymity. The RWSC® is a privately held digital security utility with control transfer determined by members. RWSC® protects privacy, it accounts for time specific and as yet to be member-determined valuations. It is the confidential use of distributed ledger technologies generating immutable verification. Recall implementation of RWSC® authentications or those on The Other Blockchain® becomes possible to actual collaborators

TOF® creates a location-free, self-organizing and decentralized utility, Biosphere, where engagements and exchanges are backed by anonymized immutable accounting of digital security functions. No commissions. No ads. No prejudice