The Outer Haven is an enthusiast based community that was formed in 2011 by people who share the same passion on many topics and subjects such as the following; Video Games, Music, Animation, Movies, Technology, etc. So, you could basically call us an enthusiast site which would better sum us up. All members of this creative community are equal as there’s no one person more important than the other nor do we have a script, agenda or outline. We report and talk about what intrigues us and offer our own spin on many things. While at times it may seem like we are similar to say a video gaming or anime website, we are neither of those things. We all share that passion and while we do wish to be both of these things, all of the staff have other jobs that aren’t directly related to those concepts. So while we’d like to go that route, we simply don’t have the workforce for that. Further more, there’s tons of sites out there that already do this and we want to do our own thing.