Palladium Group is the global leader in helping organizations execute their strategies. Our expertise in strategy management, performance management, and business intelligence helps our clients achieve an execution premium. Our services include consulting, technology, conferences, communities, and certification. Palladium's Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy® recognizes organizations that have achieved an outstanding execution premium. The Palladium Execution Premium Process™—based on the seminal work of Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton—is a proven framework used by hundreds of organizations worldwide to link strategy and operations to achieve performance results.

Sustainable Results
Hundreds of organizations—from around the globe—have partnered with Palladium to achieve breakthrough, sustainable performance. Their results speak volumes:

Canadian Blood Services: CBS put strategy at the center of its plan to transition into a more critical player in Canada's healthcare system. Palladium's solution included adopting the Balanced Scorecard, implementing an Office of Strategy Management, aligning resources to the strategy, and ensuring each business line was aligned to corporate priorities. Execution Premium: National order fill rate increased from 80% to 98% in four years.Percentage of donors rating their satisfaction as 10 on a 1-10 scale improved from 26% to 43%. Percentage of hospitals reporting this rating went from 17% to 29%.

Dunkin' Brands: After the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world was bought by a consortium of venture capital firms, it partnered with Palladium to overhaul existing financial planning, budgeting, and reporting processes to support its aggressive growth plans. Execution Premium: Palladium drastically reduced Dunkin' Brands forecasting cycle, cut reporting time from weeks to one day, increased data accuracy, and developed a long-range planning application allowing Dunkin' Brands to better achieve its global growth targets.

Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Services (EIS): After supporting the Lockheed and Martin Marietta integration, EIS wanted to become the supplier of choice for internal IT services and position Lockheed to win large IT-related contracts. Palladium helped EIS execute its customer-solutions strategy through rollout of the Balanced Scorecard. Execution Premium: EIS realized 15% productivity savings for EIS, and 10% for its internal customers, and new business for Lockheed's operating divisions, thanks to EIS's program knowledge.

Millipore: This life sciences industry leader needed a framework for managing strategy execution and key business processes to achieve its growth goals. Palladium pioneered the integration of the Balanced Scorecard with driver-based rolling forecasts, dynamic resource allocation, and peer-based external benchmarks for goal-setting and incentive management. An Office of Strategy Management was established to make strategy execution a core competency, and to create a new culture focused on execution, performance, accountability, and growth. Execution Premium: In four years, the company's revenue grew 82%, and its stock performance, up 41%, became the second best in its peer group.

US Army & Air Force Exchange Service: Running 3,100+ facilities (e.g., stores, gas stations) around the world for military personnel, AAFES needed a more efficient supply chain. With Palladium's help, it standardized processes for supply-chain data validation, pricing analysis, and data reconciliation. Execution Premium: Inventory shrank by $108 million. Revenues jumped 10% from 2003 to 2007. Employee satisfaction rose 10%. Customer traffic increased 16%.