The Parent Care Net has been developed as a result of 25 years in marketing to seniors and their families.  The philosophy of Emily Butler-Morton, owner,  is to help folks find the best possible fit when it becomes necessary to move a loved one  out of the comfort of their home into a senior community.    Butler-Morton, has had the opportunity to  provide guidance and direction during the  sensitive process of helping families relocate elder members to various types of congregate living.  Whether independent living, assisted living, memory care, or other types of senior  communities, The Parent Care Net provideseducation and direction on how  to make the very best choice by asking the right questions, looking very carefully, and being the "squeakly wheel" when it comes to selecting a senior  community.  

The Parent Care Net, conceived in 2002, as a result of a career in retirement community marketing and sales, has helped numerous families to avoid the often times "nightmare" scenario that can be experienced after a move is made.  Butler-Morton's book, "Care Enough to Know-Keep Your Parents Safe" is a concise and necessary tool for anyone considering any type of senior community.