The Payday Hound is an online financial product review site. We are the only financial services review site that focuses on the fast growing, alternative financial services market. This market represents one in four households and has largerly been neglected. Our focus on this market also known as the unbanked or underbanked markets means we understand secured credit cards, pre-paid cards, payday loans and installment loans better than other generic review sites. We aim to review more of these products and in more depth than any other resource. We visit each lender’s site, fill out applications, read the fine print and call the phone numbers. We basically kick the tires to see what’s what and record our results here.

Our aim is to provide an impartial, fact based, space for consumers to make informed financial decisions.

Each product section includes tools and anlysis to help you quickly and easily find the products that best meet your needs. Unlike other credit card evaluation tools our Secured Card Cost and Pre-paid Cost Calulators are custom designed around the unique features of these products to evaluate the cost using a secured or pre-paid card. Each calculator can be customized based on your usage patterns. Our Payday Loan Finder filters available lenders by geography and ranks them based on a variety of criteria.

Our resources sections provides custom analysis and reviews on how to evaluate and understand the different products. Each reviews generally includes simple, easy to understand graphics and tables. The aim of our resources section is to help users make informed financial decisions.

The Pay Day Hound is operated by Contigo Direct LLC, a Nevada-based limited liability company in good standing.