Ozark River manufactures America’s most reliable, durable hand-washing stations.  Light-weight, self-contained, easy to connect, and extremely affordable, Ozark River sinks work well in all kinds of settings where frequent hand0washing is essential.  Ozark River makes portable sinks specifically designed for classrooms, jobsites, restaurants, employees’ restrooms and break rooms, and medical facilities.  Ozark River’s distinguished design and engineering team collaborated with customers, listening carefully and developing products according to their needs.  The team’s designs have won awards for their quality and their compliance with the nation’s highest safety standards.  

As Ozark River’s professionals worked with educators and healthcare professionals, they learned two critical facts about people’s hand-washing habits.  First, unless they see point-of-service reminders about the importance of hand-washing, three out of four people will forget to wash their hands when they should.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, most people do not know how to wash their hands properly and completely.  Responding to the need for reminders and instructions, Ozark River has developed a poster that shows step-by-step the process for thorough hand-washing, and you can download the attractive, easy-to-read, fully illustrated poster from Ozark River’s website--http://www.theportablesink.com/.  Of course, the download costs you nothing.