Wouldn’t you be relieved if you had a system for keeping things more organized in your home? If you knew how to more easily make choices about what to keep and what to get rid of? It’s true, you feel like you should be able to organize your own time and space, but sometimes we need help to get back on track. To get unstuck. Time and space are precious commodities, so let The Proper Place help you manage them better and restore order to your home, calendar + life.

The Proper Place helps women across Northwest Iowa, and virtually around the nation, create space for their belongings and schedule, so that they can create space for themselves.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices it takes to create order in your life, The Proper Place is here to offer you expert guidance and support along the journey. The Proper Place helps to declutter your home, life + mind. No matter your life-stage, restored order and peace of mind is possible.

With a client-based approach, together we will work to make life easier so you can be free to do more life!

- Home and small office organization
- Move/unpack for relocation
- Downsizing
- Kids areas/papers
- Paperwork
- Productivity improvement
- Schedule/time management
- Process improvement
- Closets, kitchens, and more
- Life coaching

"I can tell The Proper Place isn't just doing this for the income; they are doing it because they want to help change your life." -client of The Proper Place