The Range,LLC. is going to be a range and outdoor recreation center like no other.  

The mission of The Range is to be a safe, affordable, fun, family-oriented,
world-class, recreational shooting and family outing facility.

SAFE: Safety is our number one management priority. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and is provided by a positive attitude towards the handling and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment, as well as environment safety.

AFFORDABLE: We are going to be providing a public service not only by providing a safe place to shoot, but also by providing an alternative to “farm shooting”. To allow maximum use, barriers to participation must be lowered. Keeping the shooting experience affordable will increase use and enable all social levels.

FUN: The experience of recreational shooting is fun. Barriers to allowing the members to enjoy the shooting range and to have a memorable experience will be eliminated.

FAMILY-ORIENTED: Programs, products and services will be designed to offer family experiences.

WORLD CLASS:  World Class implies “top of the line, top drawer, first rate, none better.” We will meet and exceed the industry “five star” standards whenever possible.

RECREATIONAL SHOOTING FACILITY:  Our line of business is shooting recreation, training, education, and programs to support the shooting sports. We will focus on being the best (safe, affordable, fun, family oriented, public, world class) shooting facility.

FAMILY OUTING FACILITY: To more fully utilize the space available, family oriented services such as sand volleyball, hiking trails,horse shoes and fishing will be available. Classes will be taught in Outdoor Photography, Portrait Photography, Painting, Sketching and more. A catalog of available courses will be published.