Théra Wise products pioneer a new direction for OTC (Over the counter) therapeutic ointments, combining modern science with 100 per cent biodegradable plant extracts and “body friendly” natural bio-active plant ingredients, low impact manufacturing process, and environmental sensitivity. It was our observation that most mainstay OTC (over the counter) ointments had not changed in over 50 years and almost all are petroleum based containing ingredients of concern. Thera Wise products include HmR Natural Hemorrhoidal Ointment (best seller)  - A Wise choice for hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids associated with pregnancy. SHO Natural Skin Healing Ointment - Wise alternative to corticosteroids, anti-itch and antibacterial ointments, can be used for diaper rash, cuts, burns, razor-burn, wounds, mild to moderate eczema/atopic dermatitis and even as a facial moisturizer for dry skin. A truly great all purpose ointment, VpR Natural Vaporizing Rub - Award winning supportive therapy rub for coughs, colds, nasal and chest congestion, Ac+ Natural Acne Ointment -  Supportive therapy for acneic skin conditions, to reduce swelling and local inflammation. Antibacterial properties. A Wise choice for gentle, balanced supportive care for the treatment of Acne and Natural Baby Diaper Ointment - allows skin to breathe properly, while providing a soothing and regenerative properties to reduce skin irritation in the diaper area. Additional highlights include a quick drying, non greasy, plant based and alcohol free formulation.

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