So what exactly is AddictionUnscripted.com?

We are both a content based, and relational (interactive) based, website, focused on all the angles of addiction and recovery.

We have teamed up with some of the most talented and influential voices in this field, from all over the world. Most importantly, we are relying on the community as a whole (thats you!) to share in this conversation.

We are both a publication and a publishing platform. We’ve created this site to give everyone a voice, and to give meaning and purpose to all of our stories of brokenness.

People need to hear you stories!

We need your personal narratives, opinions, articles, interviews and content of all kind, as they relate to the nature of addiction and recovery. This is a topic that affects everyone, whether its a personal struggle you’ve experienced first hand or through a close friend or relative. There are millions of people that need to hear your stories!

The great thinkers of history all teach us in some way, shape, or form, the same lesson: that pain and brokenness are paradigms for transformation and opportunities for connection with other humans. Yet our society tends to act in a way which isolates and hides our scars.

Addiction Unscripted aims to pull the covers back on the true world of addiction and recovery.

We have the opportunity to bring light to these beautiful stories of struggle, healing, and redemption. Technology presents us with a unique opportunity for storytelling on a large scale, and we desire to use TheRealEdition as a way of engaging one another’s lives in an online community that is oriented toward embracing the darkness in order to wield it as a means for transformation and freedom. We desire to provide people with the opportunity for honesty, connection, and help on their struggle toward embracing the whole of life.

Here, we may give the unknown a voice, expose their stories to those who need to hear them, and provide a hope that can only come from unity in struggle..

We will continue to update you over the coming weeks as the site is in the last stages of development. Once we launch, you’ll be able to sign in and create a profile to use our incredible publishing platform.

For now, we are asking that any and all who are willing to share, please email us your stories or articles of any kind. This will enable your content to gain even more exposure upon our launch, and will also help us so that we can start to populate the site with your stories now. Questions and feedback are also welcome! We will carefully read through every email, and we are looking forward to being a part of this beautiful collective experience with you!

Please address all emails to Matt@therealedition.com