The Real Hair Truth, is a one of a kind documentary style exposé on the business side of the beauty industry. Produced and narrated by accomplished and successful Hairdresser/Makeup Artist Joseph Kellner. The informative, yet entertaining film, unravels and demystifies the process and pitfalls of how to not only succeed; but excel as a professional in the industry. He provides his expert advice and extracts the inside secrets to success through interviews from 7 top beauticians and leaders in the industry. Phil Stone, Jesse Briggs, Mags Kavanuagh, Rocco DiBernardo, Karla Mathey, Scott Bentley, Bennet Parke all present their information in an easy to understand and methodical way. The Real Hair Truth is a must see for Students, Professionals, Salon owners or anyone who is thinking about being in the industry. It covers the mind set and passion required as well as the hard work involved to become the best in the business. From education, how to get the right job, the importance of continuing education, understanding the various business models, to succeeding with retail sales, working with clients, employers or employees, building clientele and marketing, The Real Hair Truth covers it all. It also exposes the all too common and bad practices in the industry, such as how people and institutions can be misleading and offer false promises for their own gain. It explains what to look out for and how to avoid them. The Real Hair Truth is more than an incredibly informative and revealing documentary about the industry! It is only one part of my vision to advance the industry, set a new standard of excellence and help others. Proceeds from the sale of the documentary help fund the companion web site TheRealHairTruth.com which offers a variety of scholarships for education and marketing to help focused individuals get needed career education. It also provides additional information and advice from seasoned professionals for all facets of the business. I have arranged affordable services geared specifically for the beauty industry whether you’re a salon owner or a budding young stylist ; services such as Web-development, Marketing, Business/Career Advice. You’ll also find links to advice on the latest hairstyles, makeup techniques and latest trends in the industry as well as recommended schools and continuing education events and shows. The Real Hair Truth, is slated for release early 2010. And available for purchase on our website, hair shows, or as a download, or pay per view option. If you want an edge to real success and avoid common pitfalls in the beauty industry as well as contribute to the advancement of it. You must see The Real Hair Truth!
Joseph Kellner