The Realizer can help you surpass your invetsment goals by: avoiding bad projects; analyzing your present portfolio and adapting to the market environment; discover new investment opportunities; dispose of real estate assets at the best price possible; help you Realize good investments; and make more money.

The Realizer's Program specializes in both commercial and residential real estate investment analysis.

The Commercial Realizer is different than any other real estate software. It’s the best on the market to realize your objectives and mitigate risk. Other existing real estate software is mainly analysis software, which means doing expensive time consuming due diligence, entering extensive data, and also requires a team of people to generate the necessary reports. The end result of this type of program is many pages of analysis listing only mathematical results, without any guidance to interpreted these results. This system is neither interactive nor proactive.

The Residential Realizer provides commercial thinking in a residential setting. It enables residential investors to excel in their familiar surroundings in residential revenue properties investment, sales and leasing. It will train your mind to transition from regular residential thinking to highly competitive commercial thinking. The Realizer's methodology will expand your capabilities and knowledge into commercial real estate as well as help you specialize and focus your practice, and outpace any other residential revenue property professional or investor.