The Refinishing Touch offers a wide variety of cost-saving environmentally friendly services such as furniture upholstery and engineering, finishing upholstery and textiles, solid surface materials, hardware and more.

Insenga got his start working in his grandfather’s workshop, who refurbished musical instruments. He took what he learned and applied it in a wholly new way to the furniture industry. Based in Alpharetta, GA, Mr. Insenga handles general management, and oversees a dedicated staff handling strategic operations, and business development for the company. Insenga founded The Refinishing Touch in 1977 and has successfully grown the company from his one-man operation to a team of over 100 highly skilled workers across the Country.

Our on-site services include:

- Furniture Refinishing with our patent-pending finishes that are odorless, non-toxic, inflammable, and 100% environmentally safe.

- Furniture Reupholstery

- TV Armoire Modification and Remanufacturing for reuse with widescreen television sets

- Custom Design options with granite and fabric selections through Touch Textiles

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, The Refinishing Touch was awarded the US General Services Administration Evergreen Award for innovative, environmentally friendly practices.