Thermofluidics innovative heat engine technologies have been granted patents globally and won innovation awards. The technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art businesses to the poorest farms in the world. It is our aim to serve both. For more information, please visit www.thermofluidics.com  

Thermofluidics low cost pump technology has almost no moving parts and uses heat to enable many energy saving and humanitarian applications. Our patented technology is underpinned by cheap materials, modern low cost production processes and computerised thermal/heat flow models which enable low temperature heat to be transformed into a pumping capability and to lift water up to 100m in a low cost environmentally friendly manner.

These devices are particularly well suited to pumping water in a broad range of world-wide applications such as agricultural irrigation, drinking water provision and solar thermal heating. The low-temperature heat to operate the pump can come from solar thermal (hot water) collectors or low grade waste heat from many industrial processes. It can also be used for water circulation and heating in domestic heating devices. Analysis indicates the technology can outperform electric, diesel and PV alternatives on economic and environmental grounds.