The Rothwell Group members have worked with virtually every department in government and have worked with several Prime Ministers, Premiers and their Cabinets. Our consulting practises have successfully involved a broad range of policy fields including:
Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs,
Sports Policy,
Security and Law Enforcement
Foreign Affairs and International Trade,
Immigration and Citizenship,
Strategic Procurement Support,
Financial Services,
Tax Policy,
Fiscal and Economic Policy,
Innovation, Research & Development and High Tech,
Labour Relations,
Aboriginal Affairs.
The Rothwell Group builds on the individual strengths of its Principals thus bringing our collective experience to our clients' issues. We provide advice on how governments work, the decision-making process and the contexts, both policy and political, that drive government decisions. From this foundation, we develop a unique public affairs or issue management strategy for each client. Then we bring our skills to bear as we work with our clients to implement those strategies.