For nearly 90 years VR has been serving the people of South Carolina by preparing and assisting those with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment. We continue that proud tradition with our new theme. “Let’s go to work” communicates our mission to create relationships among individuals, community partners, agencies, non-profits and businesses.

Our client services help individuals address impediments to employment. From initial assessment for eligibility to job search, we help clients identify their abilities and develop skills so that they can choose a career that will lead to their success.

Our business services assist employers who want to develop a strong, diversified workforce that will move their business forward. Whether it’s connecting them with talent or services to help them retain valuable members of their team, VR is a strong workforce partner.

Our Quality One (Q1) focus emphasizes providing individualized services to our clients and business partners. For us, “quality happens one person at a time.”

Through our redesigned publications, website and social media, our goal is to provide you with engaging communication and helpful conversation.

I hope you are as excited as I am about all of this, and that you will join us in our mission to improve lives and help people gain their independence through employment.

Let's go to work!