The Stylehunter Network is proud to announce the launch of its latest venture; a not-for-profit portal dedicated to inspiring change and generating awareness, www.thesocialconscience.com.

Serving as a global platform for generating awareness about issues that affect you – whether directly or indirectly – The Social Conscience aims to ensure local, societal and global issues don’t go unnoticed.

With contributors from all walks of life, with genuine opinions about real issues, The Social Conscience is the voice for those who don’t have one and fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Covering everything from poverty to politics, The Social Conscience magnifies issues at the source and incorporates the opinions of everyday citizens; absolutely anyone can have their say.

“The goal of The Social Conscience is to generate positive change through creating awareness of wider social issues,” said Amanda Martin, founder of The Social Conscience.

“Inspiring action, change and conversation, The Social Conscience is the voice for those who do not have one,” she said.

Serving as your local platform for global news, The Social Conscience questions everything and ignores nothing.


For all enquiries, contributions and requests please contact kirby@thesocialconscience.com