Our range of award winning hand held solar lights is the largest in Europe.  These lights replace single use lights, lanterns and torches used in camping, backpacking and at festivals and so represent fantastic value.

To compliment our range of lights we also stock portable backup batteries, portable solar panels and water filters so that anyone can go anywhere in the knowledge that they will have a power source for lighting or their mobile phones/ipads and clean water every day.

We have stock from d.light, Nokero, Bright Products, SunJack, LittleSun, MPowerd, WakaWaka and Hybridlight.

Formed in 2013 by an ex Science teacher the company has two core values.  Firstly we want to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases through using solar power and secondly we want to offer a service that customers rave about.

Finally to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint more easily and to offset our own carbon footprint we add a little bag of seeds to every order to encourage our customers to sow and grow a tree, currently either Scots Pine or Rowan Tree.  One tree per customer will eventually produce a forest.