The Sports Circus brings a quirky blend of unusual variety to sports talk radio. The goal is to differentiate and entertain while getting the listening audience involved. That goes for the casual listener, community leaders, business owners, educators, students, student-athletes, sports enthusiasts and many others from ages 14 and up.

The Sports Circus has an expansive global audience and is aired in PRIME TIME over CBS Sports, CNBC, FOX Sports, NBC News, CNBC affiliates plus Apple Podcasts, iHeartRADIO and Spotify! Also, we are active on social media so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The Sports Circus is also aired on www.AAMP.TV , Facebook Live, Tiki TV, U-Stream, Twitch and in 650,000 rooms on Hotel Television in 3, 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts in 198 US cities and markets. Listeners and viewers of the show interact with us during every show!

The Sports Circus turns on a dime and you never know what's going to happen or who is going to be on the show! This is a quote that you will hear during most every show from the Ringmaster Sal: "Its live folks... anything can happen."

The Sports Circus features celebrity sports and entertainment guests and student-athletes in various featured segments.

The Sports Circus has a fun, low pressure and loose format. The show airs on www.aampt.tv and social media daily.

The Sports Circus airs live every day on www.aamp.tv as well as on HotelTV.