The StarPals are a series of seven inspiring, empowering children's books that encourage their readers to embrace the Creative Star that they are, and help make our world a brighter place.  

Patty Patience, Korey Kindness, Haley Humble, Tommy Truth, Shari Sharing, Tobey Thankful and Livey Love are The StarPals Team.

Each personality invites their audience to engage in practicing their favorite game and to become their Pal.  They then share nine different opportunities where children can apply the values in their every day lives.  Each personality tracks their good behavior on their Treasure Chart and encourages their reader to do the same, by shooting for the Stars and earning stars to place on their individual chart.  

This simple, fun and inspiring interaction with The Seven StarPals develops and strengthens social and emotional learning skills, a vital aspect that is missing in today's traditional education.

“By strengthening and increasing social-emotional educational opportunities, we will increase our children's capacity to learn, give them the tools to aspire to personal and professional achievements, and enable them to experience personal satisfaction”, said Dr. Robin Stern, Ph.D., author of Understanding Emotions in the Classroom and Emotionally Intelligent School Counseling.

The StarPals Series recognizes the importance of investing in our children, our future.  Their message is universal.  It's beyond words, belief systems, races or cultures.  It's truly nurturing the simplicity of our human nature and standing in integrity when we are offered choices that are not in alignment with who we are.  We provide the tools and encouragement.  Our children become the change they wish to see in our world by choosing to be authentic, accountable and transparent in their thoughts and actions.  

The StarPals overall goal and mission is to reach ALL of the children in our world and help them acknowledge the power of their individual and collective choices.  It's all about valuing integrity and finding creative solutions that empower the Self in service to Others.