The Student Journals has finally launched. Its aim is simple; it gives students the national voice they currently lack. Through this website, students finally have a medium through which to express their opinions, to write sincerely about those political/economic/social issues which are important to them.

The Student Journals has three specific goals:
1) To give UK university students a platform from which to convey their opinions on a national scale.
2) To develop the style of budding journalists and further their talent.
3) To give students the opportunity to have their work read by a large number of people, with a hope that the national media will also take interest and respond accordingly with offers of internships etc. to the very talented.

It is on the basis of these objectives that decisions have been reached regarding the nature of the articles themselves. Factual pieces will only be written on issues that relate to the student body as a whole; the majority of work will in fact be comprised of comment/opinion articles and blogs.  We feel that this format requires students to perform extensive research, allowing for a deeper engagement with the topic at hand.

We understand that there are students in the UK who prefer writing about culture and so there will also be a relevant section, consisting of literature, film and theatre. We hope to work with publishers, the film industry and theatres to give students the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Currently there is no one outlet that one can visit to see the written opinion of students; one has to plow through hundreds of university websites to read articles from each separate newspaper. Instead, students will now be able to come forward and submit their article to this website - reaching students on a national scale.