You hear a lot about it. Most people associate New Year’s Resolutions with goals. Maybe that’s why the success rate of achieving goals is so low.

According to survey’s, only 9% of New Year’s Resolutions are ever met. It takes a rare person to accomplish that because most people give up the first week.

Setting goals first starts with identifying what you want or where you want to end up. Those dreams you have for your family, life and career are a good place to start.

Defining your goals takes some time and thought about what you really want to achieve. Then you begin to work backwards, determining what needs to take place in each step back to the present…identifying what you need to do today that will get one day closer to your goals.

It’s not a skill we teach, most of us don’t learn how to set goals effectively.

I’ve put together some resources and services to help. Having a mentor or guide is most helpful to see a clearer path to follow.

My coaching programs vary in length from 30 day intensive to 6 months. Let’s design one especially targeted to your situation.

Workshops and seminars offer a chance to spend a dedicated amount of time focusing on the 8 Elements as described in the book The Success Grower. It is a great place to begin to develop your plan. Then a time of ongoing coaching will assist you in laying the groundwork to achieve your goals.

Don’t just let life happen…take charge of your life. Create your plan to achieve your goals to have a successful life.